Rant and Rave

I see in my life all these things. Stuff. Accessories. Equipment. Technology. Computers, phones, clothes for every occasion and mood. Gadgets with widgets that I would never use or use only once. Bags with zips I don’t need, magazines I don't read, soft furnishings that clog up my overworked attention. Stuff that piles up, gathers, … Continue reading Rant and Rave


How might we start to incentivise lower birth rates?

In response to the need to feed more people in the future - feeding more people, without any incentive to reduce birth rates, leads to population increases. This in turn leads to unsustainable resource use rates.Are they doing something like this already? Do they quantify how much of a burden in food and environmental terms … Continue reading How might we start to incentivise lower birth rates?

Agroecology vs Industrial agriculture

Perhaps our excessive reliance on biotechnology and GM crops stems from not fully understanding nature and how to work with nature to good effect. In the developed world we rely on industrial agriculture models which incorporate biotech, models that rely on carbon-intensive off-farm inputs and produce water pollution, negated ecosystem and human health, and biological … Continue reading Agroecology vs Industrial agriculture